That moment Bruce truly became a father

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I wasn’t taught to fight fair. I was taught to win.

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this is the happiest thing i’ve ever seen

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     ”Apologies, mother.

      A siren caught my attention.”

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"will you be my mainverse?"


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"Robin the millionth." Bart, that’s not how you make friends.


"Out getting tacos! Why, did you want some? Just got back from a mission—well, kinda. Since we’re here, but we’re all not here, you know? He had coupons, whatever those are—” He chattered uselessly.

"Robin the only.

Damian raised his palm forward like a stop sign and interrupted the other before his could run his tongue into a stupor. “A coupon is a piece of flimsy paper designed to take money off of a specific item or otherwise. Why do think I would want a taco?”

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               Colin’s eyes widened with a gleam of excitement. It wasn’t just that the planned night sounded cool, it was that it sounded awesome. If Colin was being honest, he never really had a lot of awesome days. Being an orphan since birth, there isn’t a lot of awesome days in to begin with.

               Spinning on his heel toward Damian, he met blue eyes with grey. A toothy grin was spread over his face, wide enough for the missing tooth space beside his front tooth to become visible. "That sounds neat! I mean——amazing. That sounds amazing. It’s not some black tie show, is it?"

                                            “I think I ripped my last suit going all Abuse on the Joker when he attacked your dad at that Wayne party last month.”


      Hearing the excitement in Colin’s voice was enough to plant a multitude of ideas in his skull, beating against the front of his forehead like butterflies waiting to be released from their cages. Thought curious as to what Colin would enjoy exactly, he knew that the confidence would come to him sooner or later that night.

     He faced Colin’s stormy grey eyes and felt his features softening for the first time in what was probably months. Strange, that between the mundane days in ‘school’ and thrilling nights at his fathers side, he could actually smile in such a way at a single person. Smiling now, he shoved his hands into his pockets. “Not at all. Feel free to wear whatever you’d like.”

                 ”If anyone gives you trouble about it, I’ll take care of them.”


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"Things are not wrong just because they are new."

ASKED BY stealfortheneedy.

Sentence Meme


     ”Except. They are. In this instance. Look at the
      way it’s pointing, feel its weight. This entire thing<
      is completely off-balance. I’m not wrong. Fix it of<
      you’re going to pay for it later.”

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     ”Where is the Flash?”

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