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508- wow that got higher than I imagined it’d be


you lost the second i started trying.

Damian Wayne Moodboard 1 / ??

It’s never completely dark for you, is it? There’s always a light on, even if it’s behind you.


Two-Face in Ralph Bellamy style, by Bruce Timm

July 23rd, 2014 marks Batman’s 75th birthday. Happy Batman Day!



    “That’s very welcoming…”

" Look, kid. ”

     " This may be the umpteenth time I’ve seen another copy-cat. Given the age of my costume’s appearance I suspect it won’t be the last. But you aren’t fooling anyone. I’m the only Robin this city needs. “

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He was just staring at the screen, not even seeing his son hanging upside down beside him. “Hmm?” He felt the poke from Damian. “I’m fine.” 

     Still hanging, the blood ran to his head, flushing his young face. Quite the rush considering how bland the night was starting. At his fathers voice, he sighs.

               ” ‘fine’? I suppose ‘fine’ is sufficient as a mood. “

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     " Not. Again. “

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     With a tut, he so easily hangs upside down on a hanger. Two gloved fingers stick out and press against the temple of his fathers forehead.

              " You seem distracted, father. “